My vision

When I was a child, my father used to build houses. Today, the traces of his work accompany me every day. For me, a tour opens the door to immortality a tiny crack. It is important for me in everything I do that my clients perceive how we bear responsibility today for the future.


She’s out of her mind,” is what you’re probably thinking right now. It would be my absolute pleasure to explain my theory to you, though:
I have lived in Berlin for more than fifty years now (yes, that long!) and work as a historian. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by how every lifeless date conceals countless lively stories and anecdotes. I love telling the stories behind the history. You will feel how the city is more than just stones, cars and streets. It is the people who leave their mark.

Would you like to hear an example? Here’s an interesting one:
Did you know that Berlin has a newspaper article to thank for the Grunewald forest in Tegel and Köpenick? Because more than one hundred years ago, a very responsible man recognised that the city needs green trees for its inhabitants’ health and quality of life, literally like the air to breathe? Hardly anyone knows his name and yet we are reminded of him whenever we walk the dog, go inline skating or stop to listen to the twittering birds. We sense that his responsible action is still important to us today. And this has made him immortal. It is the people who leave their mark – in the houses and on the streets, in the past, present and future.

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to remember your own history: When were you born? What is your family’s oldest memory? How far back can you trace your family tree? By reminiscing about our own parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or even distant relatives, our roots reach back to times that were part of a wider history. Those who are aware of their own family memories – in the form of photos, letters, stories and perhaps a family tree – will sense how our actions influence the future of our children and grandchildren.

We help families to explore their own roots. Show and tell us your memories, and we will guide you through your own history by following your ancestors’ traces.

I can gladly share my memories with you: I was born 50 years ago, so grew up in divided Germany. The oldest memory from my mother’s side of the family is the birth of my great-great-great uncle two years after Napoleon was defeated in Leipzig. I invite you to reflect on your own family memories and to have a look through photos. I would be delighted if you were to feel how we are all connected to a wider world history through our personal memories. We all contribute new pages to the history books. When we know where we are from, why we live how we do today and what traces we leave behind, it gives us a sense of security and heightens our awareness for responsible action.

I invite you to take a peek through the crack in the door to immortality during a Discover Your Past tour of Berlin with Experience the City.

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